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Recently, I came across an interesting article ‘Current research assessment could miss the big picture‘ on Research Information.  It highlighted on how traditional methods of research assessment (peer review, citations etc) could be failing those researchers who are fully embracing the possibilities of Web 2.0.  This has called for new methods of metrics (altmetrics), which better reflect today’s research practices and take advantage of the use of current social media technologies. However, such metrics to succeed requires widespread acceptance from the research community. I think researchers in general would consider this new metrics academic worthy and accept it to measure the impact of their research in the changing ecosystem of information landscape.

In the field of library and information science, I think it is worth to use altmetrics in line with bibliometrics, scientometrics, webometrics etc to measure the impact of research undertaken by individuals and organizations in different disciplines.


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I came across an article ‘Embedded librarianship in the research context:
Navigating new waters
‘ in the recent issue of ‘College and Research Libraries‘.  As discussed in the paper ‘Embedded librarianship takes a librarian out of the context of the traditional library and places him or her in an “on-site” setting or situation that enables close coordination and collaboration with researchers or teaching faculty.’  It may further enable librarians in the research environment to collaborate with the faculty members or researchers and be integral part of research teams in undertaking projects.

The model of embedded librarianship is already being applied in information literacy programs as a means to overcome the limitations of the  one-time
library orientation class. However, this is happening more in the West than in developing countries like India.  The article also provides list of advices for the embedded librarian for successful implementation of this model.

I think it is a time for us to think in this direction and make our researchers and organizations aware of value of libraries and librarians in meeting the goals of the organization.

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