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QR Code for my BlogQR (quick response) Codes, are two dimensional barcodes which when scanned using mobile phones having camera (some phones may require installation of a QR reader application software) enables one to access some pre-written content such as a website address, email address, details of items in the catalogue, phone numbers etc. They are capable of storing much more information than that of conventional barcodes.

Libraries, I think are best placed to introduce these codes to enable patrons to get quick access to the information when they are on the move. The library information such as details of items in the catalogue, links to library URL address, e-mail address, tutorials, brochures etc. can be linked using these codes.  In the west, some of the libraries are using these codes for linking URL addresses, catalogue records, signage etc.  For example University of Bath library in UK is using these codes in the catalogue to enable library users to scan and transfer information about a book directly to their mobiles to save patrons from keying or noting the details. Other uses of QR codes made in libraries can be seen on a Library Success wiki.

ImageThe use of QR Codes in libraries even though looks simple, but requires libraries to make their website compatible to mobile phones or have different version for mobiles. Looking at the high penetration rate of mobile phones and their greater usage among the new generation of people, I think it is sensible to introduce these codes for disseminating library related information.

Apart from libraries, these codes, may also be used for other purposes such as on business cards, power point presentations etc. The generation of QR code is simple. It can be developed either by using any free QR generation application software or online tools such as Goqr.me.   For power point presentations and documents, further help is available from tagmydoc.


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