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E-Books are in existence and available in the market since quite long time now, but could not gain momentum like E-Journals due to various reasons such as convenience of reading, privacy, size, sharing etc. In the initial years, there were no specialized gadgets available in the market to make reading of these books an eye soothing experience. However, due to the advent of E-Book readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s E-Reader, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, etc, they slowly gained acceptance among the people. Over a period of time, sales revenue of e-books zoomed from mere US $ 1.5 million in 2002 to whopping US $ 88.7 million in quarter 2 of 2010, as reported by International Digital Publishing Forum [IDPF].  According to Smashwords, this may not depict the worldwide figures of sales as it covers only US wholesale e-books sales and do not include smaller publishers, who do publish e-books. Recently, New York Times reported that Amazon  has sold more Kindle e-books than hardbound volumes of books, for which no Kindle edition was available. Some attribute, this could be due to the reduction in prices of e-book readers and availability of open source software like Calibre. I think, in the near future, library collections will have more e-books to meet the users’ information requirements 24 x 7. Do these replace printed books (P-Books) is a question, which we all need to wait and watch to find an answer.


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