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RSS [Really Simple Syndication] or [Rich Site Summary] feeds have become a defacto standard for most of the modern websites available on the Internet. More and more internet users are now aware of usefulness of RSS feeds in keeping updated themselves about latest news, articles, latest additions to websites, blogs etc. Libraries are also finding it as a useful tool to keep their clientele updated about news, articles, books, etc using internal or external content.

It would be interesting for library users if multiple feeds are mixed and matched in a particular area/s and made available such content on a website or portal or blog. Today, there are different tools available on the Internet to mix and match multiple feeds and post it as one feed on the web.  I experimented with several tools such as Xfruits, RSS Mix, RSS Mixer, Feed Informer and Yahoo Pipes. I found Yahoo Pipes a wonderful and an interesting tool to make use for creating a combined RSS feeds looking in to its features and sustainability. It enables you to add multiple feeds, filter, sort and translate the content in addition to whole lot of features to work with. The output from Pipes can be posted as RSS, JSON, KML and other formats. The output can be either kept as public or private and can be made available either on Yahoo or on your website using tools like feedburner [requires Google account to login] or feed2js.

The information intermediaries need to explore this type tools in order to provide content from multiple sources without being involved in developing the content. This will make your site rich and informative.


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