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The Internet era has created an environment; where in copiousness of information on a given topic is available, in most cases, freely for the end users or researchers. A search made on a chosen search engine like Google result into millions of hits on a given topic leaving the authenticity of much of the information unchecked. This is creating an ‘information chaos’ in the already overcrowded information world. Even subject and specialized search engines such as Google Scholar developed to have control over published scholarly information in a given subject/s could not bring in much needed respite for the researchers.

Internet conscientious for it has also given us some free tools to develop customized search engines as per the needs of group of researchers/users. One such example is Google Coops service, which can be used to develop customized search engine for searching content indexed by Google on a given subject/s.  This tool can be effectively used to publicize the research output emanating on a particular subject/s from particular institutes/region. This will lead to excellent results for the institutes and enables researchers to get right research material on the particular topic from a right place.

I experimented Google Coops service for developing a custom search engine for Indian Economics literature (also few other areas of social sciences), which I found very effective in having control over the published online information and secondly, in exposing the research output emanating from Indian Economics research institutes to the  world.  I feel there is a need to use this service to develop similar kind of services in different subject areas to save library users from the information overload.


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