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In today’s wired world, the days of installing free or trial or open source software on your desktop/laptop to convert a file, edit and store pictures, create charts/diagrams etc are becoming scarce. It is because of the availability of new online tools on the Internet at no cost.  However, the low bandwidth may be a deterrent to make use of these tools.

Some of the tools, which I found very useful for my work, have been listed below:

I feel we need to take efforts in making researchers aware of such utilities and provide orientation on how to make use of these tools in their work.


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Firefox, a web browser developed by Mozilla Labs has interesting features as compared to Internet Explorer browser.  Since Firefox is Open Source software, the open source community is supporting to a greater extent for its development.  It supports additional programmes [developed by various developers] in the form of extensions, which stand today at 5000+ in number is its greatest asset, which make value addition to the browser.

The extensions are available for all kinds of online activities starting from bookmarking to web development. The extensions (.xpi) can be added to Firefox browser by just dragging and dropping the extension file on the browser window and following few on screen instructions.

To name few of the popular extensions, which I use regularly for my online activities include hyperwords,  AutoPager, CoolIris, Download helper, WOT, Zotero, Libx Toolbar, Scrapbook, Stylish etc. The detailed and recommended list of add-ons for Firefox is available for access at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/

I feel since now a days most of our and library users work takes place online, it is worthwhile to make use of Firefox browser and some of its useful extensions in our day today work and provide training to clientele in making best use of these tools.

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