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In today’s Internet era, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find latest  online information in one’s areas of research even after making use of different search tools. To add to that, researchers are finding it impossible to remember all the web addresses of  tools such as search engines, catalogues, databases etc, which help in retrieving information on the Internet.  LibX an Internet browser plug-in for libraries developed by Virginia Tech University Libraries and Virginia Tech Dept of Computer Science is trying to address these problems.

Libx works as an extension to your Firefox and Internet Explorer that provides direct access to your library’s resources. LibX is an open source framework from which editions for specific libraries can be built. LibX has been widely used by many libraries in the world to develop a toolbar for their university or institute libraries adding in search tools, library catalogues,  links to resources, open URL addresses, Proxies etc which are best suited for their library users and many of the LibX editions developed are available as public editions on its site.

LibX edition for a library can be developed using its online Edition builder and build new edition option, which is very simple and robust to add description, shortcuts, catalogues and databases, Open URL resolvers, Proxies etc.  The new edition can be saved by registering yourself to the service and it is also possible to test the new edition before being put to use by your library users.

Sometime back, I worked on this tool and developed a plug-in for IGIDR library, which is being well received by the library users. We as information intermediaries need to work on such tools to have a better control on the ever increasing quantum of information and facilitate library users to search for required information from one search box from the best online sources.


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